Swim Products

The first open core platform for building and running distributed, continuous intelligence applications

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Connected Experience
  • Operational Responsiveness

Swim Continuum

Integrate &
Aggregate Data
Create & Link
Smart Models
Perform Contextual
Learn & Project
Visualize & Respond
in Real-Time

Swim OS

  • Streaming Data
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Data Warehouses
  • Messaging
  • Edge
  • On-Prem
  • Cloud

Delivering beyond real-time analytics: Swim continuously augments human decision-making.

Integrate & Aggregate Data

Immediately integrate, structure and aggregate both static and dynamic data from local, cloud or edge sources, and create a single, real-time source of truth. Designed for flexibility and extensibility, Swim Continuum easily allows for the addition of new data sources, transformations and data sinks.

Create & Link Smart Models

Swim unifies static and dynamic data from message brokers, databases and other data sources to create smart, interlinked real-world models—Swim Web Agents—which power extremely responsive, scalable and efficient continuous intelligence applications.

Perform Contextual Analytics

Avoiding latency-prone database connections, Swim Web Agents efficiently transform streaming, contextual and historical data into real-time insights, while reducing application complexity and taking advantage of available compute resources closest to the data sources.

Continuously Learn & Project

Swim Web Agents link to and communicate with peers, building a shared data model for continuous analytics, learning and projections. Streaming hyperlinks continuously observe state changes and update models with changes in the data as they happen.

Visualize & Respond in Real-Time

Seamlessly and continuously route insights to dashboards, applications, or data stores, or automate responses to specific alert conditions in real-time to augment human decision making. Swim Continuum also includes "pre-wired" templates for rich and engaging, production-ready user experiences.

Increase your business resilience and competitive advantage with Swim.

Enterprise and Open Source

Swim Continuum

Swim Continuum provides real-time visibility, manageability, and automation to operate continuous intelligence efficiently and at scale. It builds upon the open source SwimOS core and meets stringent enterprise requirements by adding persistence, scheduling, clustering, replication, monitoring, and security.

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Swim OS

SwimOS is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source software core to develop and run continuous intelligence applications without requiring a database, message broker or application server. It can also be used as a stream processing platform for message brokers or other streaming frameworks.

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