Swim Continuum

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A single pane of glass for managing, operating and scaling continuous intelligence apps.

Single, Production-Ready Platform

Swim Continuum is an enterprise-grade, end-to-end platform, which allows you to rapidly and efficiently take continuous intelligence applications from prototype to production. It lets businesses focus on insights and applications rather than infrastructure and integration.

Designed for massive scale-out, Swim Continuum excels at providing performance and agility under high loads by distributing, provisioning and load-balancing applications across the available infrastructure. It achieves resilience by persisting and replicating data for redundancy and high availability.

Comprehensive Management & Monitoring

Swim Continuum is self-managing and provides a comprehensive GUI to offer a deep view of all aspects of Swim operations. It manages the resources for the underlying distributed compute fabric on available infrastructure, and monitors itself as well as Swim applications with deep introspection for process availability, reliability and performance.

Swim Continuum monitors applications, inspects data streams, configures meaningful traits, and connects with external systems through a single pane of glass experience.

Seamless Interoperability & Extensibility

Swim Continuum seamlessly interoperates with existing message brokers, stream processors, enterprise IT systems and data pipeline tools, protecting past investments by the business. It also extends to existing rules engines, decision support systems, workflow engines and event hubs.

Swim Continuum includes the open source SwimOS core; applications built with SwimOS can easily be operationalized and scaled out with Swim Continuum.

Engaging & Collaborative Real-Time Experiences

With Swim Continuum, customers can easily create intuitive and engaging, production-ready and connected user experiences that continuously visualize and update graphs, maps, KPIs, dashboards and more.

Through custom views of the data, business operators can inspect data and insights specific to their role, spot relevant trends and take action faster. They can also collaborate more easily across multiple teams, business functions and organizations.

Find out how customers are operating their situationally aware business with Swim Continuum.