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Contextual Insights at the Speed of Change

Designed for an ever-changing environment, Swim Continuum lets you continuously process and analyze streaming data in concert with contextual data to inform business-critical, operational decisions.

Through shared objects, streaming API’s and real-time UI’s, Swim Continuum enables businesses to gain continuous intelligence and act on events at the speed of change.

Architected for Massive Scale and Unprecedented Efficiency

Swim Continuum enables a new class of continuous intelligence applications that provide businesses with situational awareness and support "frictionless" decision-making at every moment.

Thanks to its unique architecture which minimizes latency-prone database roundtrips and network hops, Swim Continuum is optimized to provide unprecedented performance and efficiency for operationalizing frequent data analytics and real-time visualization at massive scale.

Single, Enterprise-Grade Platform

Swim Continuum is a single, production-ready environment for building and operating continuous intelligence applications end-to-end.

Its clustering, replication, persistence and security meet stringent enterprise requirements, and it monitors itself and all Swim applications under a single pane of glass with deep introspection for process availability, reliability and performance.

Continuous Intelligence Showcase

Network Performance Monitoring

A major network service provider wanted to establish continuous awareness of service outages and quality issues across their entire business. Prior to introducing Swim, this information would take several hours to analyze.

Working with Swim, the service provider was able to create a continuous intelligence application that monitors thousands of cell towers and millions of subscribers in real-time.

Why You Should Care

Executive Sponsor

With continuous intelligence from Swim, businesses can gain a massive competitive advantage over their competition, by triggering real-time insights and responses from analyzing streaming data in context with historical and other business data.

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Technical Leadership

Swim Continuum offers everything enterprises need to build and run massively scalable, continuous Intelligence applications, so their technical teams can focus their efforts on business logic and insights, rather than infrastructure and integration.

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With Swim, enterprise architects and developers can build stateful models from physical and logical data sources, which interlink and communicate with peers, building a shared data model for continuous contextual analytics, learning, automation and real-time visualization.

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Business Operations

The rich, interactive UI of Swim Continuum empowers business operators to easily monitor trends, predict events and take action in real-time. Swim reduces alert fatigue and helps make business decisions more "frictionless" and more effective.

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Find out how Swim can help your business become situationally aware at every moment.